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July 1: The Great Circle Route ’round Rockland

On Sat July 1 we’ll ride a Rockland County circuit that includes Piermont, Little Tor, The Orchards of Concklin and Rockland Lake covering about 35 miles.

There are two climbs, up Little Tor Road from South Mountain and then over The Hook on 9W. Route is to Piermont, Clarke Rail Trail to Western Hwy, Strawtown Rd, South Mountain. Then we proceed up Little Tor to Phillips Hill, Main Street, Old 304, Goebbels to 304 to Old Haverstraw Road into Congers to Lake Street then to Rockland Lake. And back!

Meet up at Nyack’s Memorial Park at 830a. You can park in the park, but we start at meet at the corner of Depew & Piermont Aves. Look for us there!

Remember to bring your helmet, water bottles and tire fixings. 

Fair Weather Friends: If it’s raining 30 minutes before ride time or if predicts severe storms during the ride, we’re not going to risk it. 

Pace & Terrain – Pace = C+ (about 15 mph). This is a no-drop ride.

Thanks to Mike Hays for putting this ride together and leading the way! This Bike Nyack Meetup is being run with the Rockland Bicycling Club.