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This Just In: Pearl River –> Englewood (5/21)

It’s not the Gran Fondo. But if ride leaders Lila and Paul find a Cheese Shop in Englewood, maybe they will retitle this “The Grand Fondue.” (cue rim shot)

Sunday Ride – May 21 @9:00, Pearl River to Englewood

This ride starts in Pearl River (No. Middletown Rd), we ride through Orangeburg and down to Englewood via Knickerbocker Ave. Stop for coffee then head back into Piermont before going to Pearl River. Local roads into New Jersey and then Rt. 501 into Piermont and back to Pearl River. About 30 miles.

Start/End point – 139 N Middletown Rd Pearl River in the parking lot behind small strip mall(Neighborhood Pharmacy) – corner of Brightwood and North Middletown Road in Pearl River. (King Kone is across the street on North Middletown Road).