Sat July 4 at 830a: Nyack –> Oradell, NJ

Oradell Train Station Photo: Credit: Adam ElmquistShow your independence on Sat July 4th and ride from Nyack to the town where Wally Schirra, one of the original seven US astronauts chosen for Project Mercury, grew up. If that isn’t inspiration enough for this 30 mile ride. Also, there’s a neat bagel stop at the turnaround point, too.

The route takes us through mostly residential streets with a stretch that hugs the Oradell reservoir, which is connected by the Hackensack River to Lake Tappan and Lake DeForest (yes, these questions *will* be on the post ride quiz).

Meet up at Nyack’s Memorial Park at 830a on Sat July 4 (corner of Depew & Piermont Aves) Need to know more? There’s a route map at

Remember to bring your helmet, water bottles and tire fixin’s.

Fair weather friends: if it’s raining 30 minutes before ride time or if predicts severe storms during the ride, we’re not going to risk it. 

Pace & Terrain – Pace = C+ (about 15 mph);

Start/End point – Memorial Park, bottom of Depew Avenue in Nyack

This is a no-drop ride

Make sure you bring your helmet, water bottles of water and anything necessary for bike repair (air pump/CO2, tubes, patch kit, etc.)

This Bike Nyack Meetup is being run with the Rockland Bicycling Club.

Photo: Oradell Train Station. Credit: Adam Elmquist

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  1. Our pilgrimage to Wally Schirra Park in Oradell was greeted by a parade and a marching band followed by a moment of silence. They even closed the post office for us! What a welcome!

    Except: the parade was for Independence Day and not for us; no one in Oradell seems to know who astronaut Schirra was; and the PO was closed because it was July 4th. And the moment of silence? That parade was over REALLY fast and it got real quiet real fast; the only sound that remained after the crowd disappeared was the changing of gears and the munching of bagels!

    This was a great fun route through lots of scenic low-traffic neighborhoods. On the way back we followed a path that skirted along the southern edge of the Oradell Reservoir that was calm and idyllic. A great way to spend July 4th (until it rained, and then, not so much that it spoiled the day).

    The July 4 2015

    July 4, 2015 Ride To Oradell ride stats

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