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Sat July 4 at 830a: Nyack –> Oradell, NJ

Oradell Train Station Photo: Credit: Adam ElmquistShow your independence on Sat July 4th and ride from Nyack to the town where Wally Schirra, one of the original seven US astronauts chosen for Project Mercury, grew up. If that isn’t inspiration enough for this 30 mile ride. Also, there’s a neat bagel stop at the turnaround point, too.

The route takes us through mostly residential streets with a stretch that hugs the Oradell reservoir, which is connected by the Hackensack River to Lake Tappan and Lake DeForest (yes, these questions *will* be on the post ride quiz).

Meet up at Nyack’s Memorial Park at 830a on Sat July 4 (corner of Depew & Piermont Aves) Need to know more? There’s a route map at

Remember to bring your helmet, water bottles and tire fixin’s.

Fair weather friends: if it’s raining 30 minutes before ride time or if predicts severe storms during the ride, we’re not going to risk it. 


June 27: Upper Nyack Loop, NJ Loop through Closter


Cyclists know that part of the joy of being on a bike is seeing the world a little bit differently than you would on four wheels or on two feet. But sometimes we fall into the rut of doing the same routes over and over. This week’s ride covers familiar ground — backwards! (not to worry, it’s the route, not the way you are facing in the saddle!)

On Sat June 27 at 830a, we’ll ride north for a bit and turn around at Nyack Beach State Park before heading south on Midland Ave, dropping down to Piermont in South Nyack. We’ll then head to Sparkill, Tappan and Old Tappan…and take a new route into Closter and then return to Memorial Park via Piermont Ave, etc. Need details? Here’s the route map for your info and enjoyment!

As of today, the weather looks good for Saturday’s ride. But for future reference, if it’s raining 30 minutes before ride time or, predicts severe showers during the ride, we’re not going to risk it. 


June 13: Strictly Bikes in Ft Lee

The line at Farm Boys, a breakfast vendor stop along the road on Wed July 23, 2014

The line at Farm Boys, a breakfast vendor stop along the road during RAGBRAI 2014. Bike Nyack hasn’t quite reached the popularity of the 10,000 cyclists who ride the annual (Des Moines) Register-Great-Bike-Ride-Across-Iowa, but give it some time, you never know… :>)

Let’s Meetup at 830 at Memorial Park in Nyack and ride to Strictly Bikes in Ft Lee, NJ.

Route is 
down Piermont Avc, through Tallman State Park, and down 9W to Strictly Bikes in Ft Lee. On the way back, we might take a side trip at the state line to ride up the old 9W road and visit the State Line rest area that overlooks the Hudson.

Bring water bottles, your helmet and tire fixins’

Rain rules: if it’s raining 30 minutes before ride time, it’s called. And if rain is predicted after the start of the ride on, it is also called.


June 6: Upper Nyack Loop, NJ Loop through Closter

At 8a before this 830 ride — despite the only 1 in 4 chance of rain — it started to rain. And the radar says it will be raining for the next hour. So I’m canceling today’s ride.

Sorry for the late notice. Hope to see you next week!


North meets South on our Sat June 6 ride. We’ll go north to loop through Upper Nyack and Nyack before returning to Piermont Rd / River Road and circling back through Closter, NJ. Approx distance is 27 miles.

Let’s Meetup at 830 at Memorial Park in Nyack (<– Note the new summer start time!). 


New Yorkers And Their Bicycles, 1869 Edition

by Herbert C. Hallas

Via Herb Hallas

Via Herbert Hallas

The CitiBike sharing program in New York City reminds us of the ongoing love affair New Yorkers have with two-wheel transportation.

Statewide interest in bicycling exploded in New York State 144 years ago when newspapers began to warn readers about an impending “fearful outbreak” of “velocipede mania.” According to the January 10, 1869 issue of the New York Times, the first sight of a velocipede created “wonder and amazement among all classes” which made them “anxious to mount the fiery steed.” (more…)